There are no mistakes, just opportunities to learn

IMG_1363_pp(Read time 2 min.) Many of our troubles comes from doing something to get a result. There is nothing wrong with getting a result, but often we are attached to solely WANTING ONE SPECIFIC result instead of being open what our effort will bring forth. Maybe the result we are getting is much better than what we intended or hoped for. What is really important is the fun and enjoyment we get out of DOING something to get a result – whatever the result maybe. Look at a baby: a baby wants to learn how to walk, regardless of the result, since the baby does not know what it is like to to walk. It learns and falls down again and again and when it cries, it is not because of the „doing“ and learning, it simply hurts falling on its bottom. But look at the smile on a babies face when the first steps are the result. A result the baby could not expect, because the baby never walked before. So as hard as it may be initially: do something as good as you can, with as much joy and fun as you can and wait what the outcome is and look at the result with an open mind.

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(Mark Sakautzky)

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