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The creative Power of Yuen Hom Feng Shui – The Mystery of the Void

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(Reading time 5 min.) My style of feng shui is called “Yuen Hom” which translates into “The Mystery of the Void” or “From Nothing comes Everything”. It is a concept that you find in Taoism, Buddhism and many shamanic teachings. It is an important part of meditation to find the emptiness in you, the void, to really see what is illusion around us and what is really “real”. In physics you learn, that what exists most in atoms is emptiness. The “materials” in an atom are very, very, very small and the space around them is huge in comparison. If you read about quantum physics, it is getting to the point where material things only have a potential of “being”, being a “thing”. I read once that if you take all the “nothingness” out of the earth it would become so dense and small that it would fit in a tea cup.

So, this means that the void, emptiness or nothingness is much more of a reality than we think. Just as we scientifically know that the human body is made 80% of water, we see each other as flesh, bones, hands, feet, head, eyes, organs, skin, blood – something we can see, hold, carry, touch, embrace. The world of “things” is what we relate to. We do not think of ourselves as a body of water.

The whole universe is exactly like that. The planets, stars, galaxies – the billions of them are very, very little “mass” in comparison what is between them: void. The void is huge, beyond comprehension.

But this void is our real field of potential. This nothingness is vibrant. It is an energy field of pure potential. This field is the creative power behind the “things”. Let me explain with an example. For us humans, music has an enormous impact. Nobody is untouched by music. But music is created out of nothingness. There is an inspiration out of nothingness. A symphony can be the result that we hear later. But even then: music needs nothingness. The sound of the guitar or violin becomes “real”, because there are strings on a wooden body and inside that wooden body is: nothing. The same goes for a trumpet, flute, drum. The nothingness under a tightly drawn skin creates the drum sound. The nothingness in a flute being brought into vibration by somebody blowing into it, creates a melody we can hear. Of course I know there is air in the violing body, but I want to picture and example. The void is also something. It is an energy field be do not comprehend – let alone understand –  yet. I think this is also why homeopathic medicine works, because it works on vibrating information frequencies – and not because it is a “thing”.

The artist firstly has the inspiration for a song, “out of the blue”, out of nothingness and then the musician needs nothingness to create music due to a vibration to get a sound. A painter also gets inspired and out of nothingness. He creates a painting. A “thing”. Something we can look at, touch. But this “thing” made out of other things like paint, canvas, wooden frame, transports something beyond the material: it inspires beauty, awe, tenderness, love, a feeling in us – something way beyond “things”. I believe that this is the power, the potential, the love, the breath of God in that field of nothingness that is in music, in art, in painting – in all our lives.

Feng Shui is the same. Architecture, a room, a garden, the plants, the furniture – things we can touch we call formschool. It is very powerful, because we can see it, touch it, move it around, weigh it. Every good feng shui consultant needs to be able to analyse and work with all aspects of formschool. But at the core of all form, of all things, is nothingness. No form, “only” a field of huge, never ending potential. The void. And that is the power of the Yuen Hom style feng shui: the Mystery of the Void. Based on the use of the 64 hexagrams we have an ancient tool of wisdom to glimpse at the frequencies of nothingness, to get a tiny idea of the real power behind the world of “things”. That is the inner purpose of Yuen Hom feng shui. To help see, feel, accept the void as the only REALITY. As love. As light. As God. As the creative driving force behind all “things”. That is why it is not only the study of Yuen Hom feng shui that takes a long time, but students and even masters need to follow the often long path to see beyond the “things”. Into the void.

Out of nothing comes everything.



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