About Me - My professional background, training and studies.

My feng shui consulting specializes in people

You are in the middle of al my efforts, to create the best  living and working environment for you, your family, your ..

My feng shui specializes in my clients. You! You need to be comfortable with my feng shui consulting. I want you to achieve your goals. Be they personal, business, career, health, relationship - if it is important to you, it is important to me. Adjusting, fine tuning, re-energizing, optimizing your property is my tool, so you achieve your goals. Working on the property, its architecture, design features, colour themes, garden, interor design shapes, art, decorations is my way of getting you into a power position. The improvements to your home will change certain resonance patterns and therefor the energy matrix that the house generates for you. I have developed a new method to combine classic feng shui skills with homeopathic room resonance methods. The results are encouraging and impressive!

What are you looking for in a good feng shui consultant?

Master Mark Sakautzky

I believe that a good feng shui consultant is a tradesman. He has to learn, study and practice his trade well, as do all professionals. It takes years to become proficient. It takes the wisdom of a lived life, the insights from studies with different masters, the experience of many hundred consultations in Germany, Europe and worldwide to become a master of energy architecture, of feng shui. And I never stop learning. Feng Shui knowledge is so varied, so immense, so multi faceted - it represents the opportunity for a lifetime of learning. Even though I am a feng shui master, I still attend workshops, study groups and seminars to deepen my knowledge. I learn from each consultation, from each client and esspecially from all my students, who face me with interesting questions. They deserve good answers, so I myself research, learn, find out and experience how feng shui works on ever deeper levels of our lives.

My professional background, expertise and experience

A feng shui professional needs constant learning and hands on experience to become a feng shui master

My expertise stems from my own true life experience combined with constant learning. I am living a life with highs and lows and learned from disappointments and joy. Feng Shui has helped me to smooth the peaks at both ends, because yin and yang means shadow and light. That is the essence of life. One needs the other, so you can experience the difference. Light cannot be without the shadow. Working as a journalist has helped me to communicate. Living and working in Australia made me fluent in English, as well as honing my marketing skills. My experience owning a media company showed me the complex interactions of "emotions-people-art-creativity" and thinking out of the box.

Having been board member of a publicly traded company showed me the different aspects of a high powered internet businesses. Being a share holder and CEO of a real estate company makes it easy for me to understand my clients as investors and what their objectives and goals are regarding a property project. The numerous feng shui consultations I have done all over the worId have put me deeply in touch with all the varieties of hopes, demands, wishes, dreams etc., which are often associated with a home, new apartment, opening a business or building a house. As well as experiencing the cultural difference and how feng shui has indeed the universal wisdom and natural logic to function in all of them.

Feng Shui consultant since 2001, Imperial Feng Shui Master since 2008

Since the year 2000 I work as feng shui consultant and my experience and learning was rewarded with being given 2008 the „Imperial Feng Shui Master“ graduation. I actively combine now Imperial feng shui with the rich European tradition and knowledge of geomancy. This cross over knowledge enables me to find better and innovative solutions in my consultations.

But the real reward ist the happy - and often joyously surprised - feedback from my clients and that feng shui does indeed make a difference in life. Regardless whether a feng shui consultation was made for a business project or for a private home.

I have consulted on houses, villas, mansions, apartments and property developments, If you build new, the best time to call me in as your consultant is before you buy the property, so we can pick just the right one, should you have a choice. Naturally, I also consult when rebuilding, planning the garden, renovating or when you feel uncomfortable in your place and need some improvement in e.g. health, positive energy, good luck and harmony in life. Let me know what you want to improve!

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management

Imperial Master Mark Sakautzky is the only Feng Shui Master with ISO 9001 Certification

The globally coveted certification for quality management was given to me on the basis of my real estate und property development expertise in conjunction with a client orientated quality management system to constantly improve my service as a professional feng shui consultant and master.

Worldwide I am the only Imperial feng shui master and consultant certified by ISO 9001.

My clients and professional associations

German Professional Feng Shui & Geomancy Consultants Association

My clients are blue chip DAX companies, hotels, retail, shops, restaurants, middle sized and family businesses as well as private individuals, having done consultations ranging from large estates and villas all over Europe as well as penthouses and apartments in many major cities. I have worked and consulted in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Russia, USA and in Asia.

I am a long standing and active member of the German Professional Feng Shui & Geomancy Consultants Association, dedicated to always improve the standard of feng shui consultations. My feng shui training academy (Internationale Feng Shui Akademie, Hamburg) is also certified as a professional school and training institute and we are entitled to train and certify professional feng shui consultants.

houzz badge for excellent client service

I am a regular feng shui columnist and advisor for houzz. houzz is the the world leading platform for architects, designers, interior and landscaping consultants. For my services and contributions houzz and also my clients have awarded me the Best of houzz Award in the categeory "Customer Satisfaction". The German language feng shui articles rank amongst the most popular in houzz, as voted by the houzz community.