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Since I am based in Germany, most of my media coverage is in German.  Selected English language articles are listed below. On YouTube you will find a number of videos on our own channel FengShuiAkademie. Most of them are also in German. We work on adding English language content.

Daily Telegraph, London, UK
Can Feng Shui sell your home? The Daily Telegraph did a short interview with me in November 2015 and incorpoated some of it in this project report.

Feng Shui Explained by Imperial Master Mark Sakautzky
Basic feng shui knowledge with many fotos in houzz, the worlds most frequented internet design forum for living, style and architecture. My German language articles on feng shui have been awared by the German houzz readers as some of the best and most informative you can find online. My approach to feng shui is different: pragmatic, practical and flexible in the adaption and use of the valuable feng shui principles.


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