Feng Shui consulting references and feedback

Most of my clients wish to remain low key. They ask for discretion and since feng shui for me is like healing work with a lot of intimate project knowledge, I respect that. As a doctor respects the oath of silence. However, in some cases my clients have agreed to at least publish the path to a feng shui consultations: charts, drawings, how the consultation developed from the basic idea into something that touches people, making the project grow and come into life. What you see under the heading Gallery is often "work in progress", but I still hope you can feel the power of what is developing - or has developed - in these projects.

Transforming a house into a home

Mark insists he is not a miracle worker, but sometimes he can be. He helped me find a missing piece in my home which helped me find peace in my life. Mark's understanding of space and the flow of energy is only second to his understanding of the people who inhabit those spaces and what they need. I am indebted to his expertise, his clarity and the inevitable friendship that comes from understanding the subtle power around all of us.
Amarasinghe Shanaka (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Improve your personal life

I have met Mark at a friend´s house in Colombo, Sri Lanka, while he was doing a feng shui consultation for my friend´s house and their kids. I became really curious and intrigued about it since Mark comments really matched my friend´s and her kids energies and nature. Hence, I decided to give it a try for myself (since I have never got a feng shui and bazi reading for me), and was really pleased with it. It help me better understand why some periods in my life were better than others, why I understand better certain people from others, why I feel energized while interacting with some people, and why I feel completely drained of energy while interacting with others. I also realized that no matter how you go about solving one thing, there are times when I manage to solve it really easy, while at other times I still manage to solve the issues, but it takes so much more effort and energy that it does not seem worth trying. Mark worked on a specific charm for me to support me better, which I need to wear, and I was so happy with Mark´s help: he calculated a good and auspicious date for me to start wearing it and best of all: he is always available, if I have specific questions. He also does this via video coaching, which is great, since I travel a lot and live currently in Sri Lanka.
Polixenia Popa (Sri Lanka, Romania, Belgium)

Business feng shui in a supermarket

We run several supermarkets in the north of Germany and since competition is stiff and fierce, we were recommended to contact Master Mark Sakautzy for a feng shui consultation. Although our corporate guidelines on the "look and feel" of the store are pretty restrictive (we are part of a nationwide chain with strict CI), Mark worked around that and came up with some very good suggestions, which we implemented over about six month and the results were stunning, fascinating, surprising, uplifting. Not just in terms of turnover and profitabily, but also how the customers felt better, spent longer time in the store and our staff attitude and positive contributions improved in many areas. We have now commissioned Master Mark to do all of our shops that we manage. In each one we notice an ongoing big positive and rewarding difference.
Denis Schlueter (Germany)

Generate new energy in your rooms

I am  amazed at how much Mark can tell by just looking at my house! So grateful for his work and that all this ancient wisdom is still available to us and that I can access it through Mark's expertise. The advice he provides is practical and he is always conscious of  the client's sense of aesthetics. I love that he wants things to look pretty and  pleasing whilst working to maximise the benefits of this energetic work. Thank you Mark for your time, kindness and generosity of spirit. Heartfelt gratitude and blessings always.
Once again thank you for your wisdom and time.
Sabina Omar (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

A home away from home

We have known Mark through a mutual friend and when we planned our house in Ibiza, we asked him to do the planning with a local architect. The cooperation was very friendly, intensive (yes! that also) and the result was extremly pleasing. In the - very passionate - process we learned a lot about nature, about our property and the way energy moves, how we can be part of this flow and the architect was able to incorporate all the suggestions into his design. We have a very happy home "away from home" now and have decided to live there in a few years time and make Ibiza our permanent residence.
Jason Malbeck (England)

Feel the change all over

It has been a great honor having Master Mark Sakautzky visiting Sri Lanka all the way from Germany to assess our historic colonial home. The realization that the energy of a house influences the wellbeing of the inhabitants and the immediate manifestation of physical improvement after the recommended changes done, were amazing. All it took to start off was the relocation and elevation of the Buddha statue and the landscaping of a new fertile plot of garden in the unused feminine missing part of the property which resulted in gradual health improvements of the feminine inhabitants of the house.
More changes are to be implemented over time and we are happy for remaining in close communication with Mark to further improve and maintain our space's wellbeing. For the professional expertise, intuition, time and heart that Mark has invested into our residence we highly recommend his excellent services with all our gratitude.
Anja Meixner & Jayendra Wijeyeskera (Colombo, Sri Lanka)