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Use my feng shui expertise for your advantage

My overall expertise focuses mainly on classic feng shui consultations and techniques, feng shui seminars and training in my academy as well as in private coaching sessions. Certain feng shui knowledge can also be used in coaching, personality assessment and change management situations.

  • Feng Shui Consultations

    Feng Shui Consultations

    • I let you know in advance (before the consultation) what I need (floorplan, maps, your birthday etc.)
    • Analyses of your current situation
    • Feng Shui can be used for private or business reasons
    • I check house, flat, apartment, property, neighbourhood, energy flow, garden, plants and environment
    • Feng Shui for existing buildings and also planning something new, project development
    • We discuss your objectives and what you want to achieve
    • According to all that I use the relevant feng shui methods so you can benefit the most
    • I develop a “to do” list for you, conceptual strategies, step by step realisation
    • I suggest colours, materials, garden design, chi flow direction, lighting and advice of important acupuncture points we can use to improve the overall energies
    • At the end of the consultation I go with you through your property and will explain each feng shui suggestion

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  • Feng Shui seminars & training

    Feng Shui seminars & training

    • Private coachings available – become a feng shui consultant
    • In house schoolings, f.e. for architects, interior designers
    • I come to you and we plan the coaching according to your needs and timetable
    • Learn more about feng shui and energy architecture:
    • Ying and Yang
    • Chi and chiflow, the way we are moving around rooms
    • Formschool and architecture
    • Garden feng shui
    • Business feng shui
    • Flying Stars assesment systems
    • Room psychology
    • Hexagram feng shui

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  • Coachings


    • Use feng shui techniques also in change management procedures
    • Bazi (chinese astrology) helps to understand personalities better
    • Get a clearer understanding of what your potentials are
    • Realize your strength and weaknesses
    • Optimize your awareness

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