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Feng Shui seminars

Master Mark Sakautzky teaches at the International Feng Shui Academy in Germany, as well as all over the world. He has coached and taught in Asia, Russia, USA, England,  Italy, Spain, France. He can also be booked for private coachings and feng shui webinars.

In Germany I am head of the International Feng Shui Academy, one of the leading Feng Shui training facilities in Germany. I train and certify Feng Shui consultants and I also teach highly advanced levels of Imperial Feng Shui, a very scientific form of Feng Shui that not even Asian Masters will use frequently, due to its complexity. There are only very few Feng Shui Masters teaching this subject, and I was lucky to learn this special technique over many years, based on the hegram 64 directions order of Shao Yong (1011-1077), on of the greatest of all Chineses sages.

In Germany you can train in German language either in our school in Ahrensburg (Hamburg) or Bad Homburg (Frankfurt). Here is the link to our homepage: www.internationale-feng-shui-akademie.de

Learning feng shui in private coaching sessions

Private coaching is a highly intensive and effective way of learning feng shui. The syllabus is perfectly matched to your needs, to your timing and place.

In English language I can offer you a Private Coaching training. Each module consists of five days, two days teaching, one day off, two days teaching. Maximum two modules can be taken in a row, otherwise all the new, densely packed up Feng Shui knowledge will overload your ability to learn it properly and with an even pace. You also need time between the modules to digest all the new information. Each off-day should be used to go through the two days of teaching, reevaluate it and define questions, if any.

Learning Feng Shui on such a high and professional level is designed for people, who want to use it expertly: architects, garden and city planners, interior designers, project developers etc.

If you want to become a Feng Shui consultant, shaping a new and very rewarding business and better income future for yourself - this is a very efficient and intense way to learn.

Become a professional feng shui consultant!

In class we consult with workgroups on larger projects, together with architects, garden planners and project developers to get the best possible result for the client.

This personal coaching is of high intensity, very individual and all your questions and issues are getting addressed on a one-to-one level. Also the practical parts of the consultations are much more intense than in a normal school situation. We can look at many more houses, apartments, gardens and business situations in your direct surroundings. I, as your Feng Shui coach, can guide you on a much more individual level through the process of becoming a highly skilled Feng Shui consultant.

You can obtain the Feng Shui consultant certificate, which is recognized by the German professional Feng Shui Association (Berufsverband Feng Shui & Geomantie, Würzburg) by completing an exam and handing in two project papers, one for a business consultation, another for a private consultation. During the modules of teaching I will advice you how these projects need to be prepared and presented.

Study fee for your private Feng Shui coaching and training

Private Coaching can be done with one to max. four students. For larger groups or in-house coachings at your place of business we can tailor a special programme. Teaching times are from 10 am to about 5 pm, incl. two coffee breaks and a 90 minute lunch break.
You can come to Germany for the teaching, but I also fly anywhere in the world to teach. I have done Private Coachings in Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain and in Asia. You pay for the travel expenses and the hotel plus the teaching fee.

This is the current fee structure

  • One day, one person € 860,00
  • One day, two persons € 1040,00 (sharing the fee)
  • One day, three persons € 1.200,00 (sharing the fee)
  • One day, four persons € 1.260,00 (sharing the fee)

Travelling cost to and from the place of teaching (not applicable if you come to Ahrensburg (Hamburg) Germany in our seminar room:

Per hour travelling time € 68,00
Reimbursement of train or flight ticket
If I travel by car I invoice per km € 0,50 (50 cents)

Feng Shui training changes the way you view the world

Accommodation for me on location is to be booked by the participant(s) of the coaching. Food, taxis, additional costs (if any) will be invoiced separately.

For larger groups and individual trainings please contact me to make you a special offer.

If the Feng Shui training takes place in Germany an additional 19% VAT applies.

All prices and arrangements are subject to written approval from both sides.

When a Private Coaching is booked and confirmed by you, 50% of the teaching fee is due for payment in advance. I will block these dates in my calendar. Payment for reimbursement of tickets (train, airline) is to be made prior to me booking the ticket. The 50% balance of the teaching fee is due two weeks before the teaching starts. An invoice will be issued. Upon receipt you are asked to transfer the fee. If you cancel the course, the 50% down payment will not be refunded. If I on my part have to cancel the Private Coaching for any reason, all down payments and paid travel expenses will be refunded.