The professional Feng Shui consultation

Master Mark Sakautzky

Here you find a quick overview what feng shui can do for you, to improve quality of life, your business and career developments, family life and personal relationships. House, garden, neighborhood, plants, doors and windows, lighting, house directions, room shapes and functions all interact and produce a certain kind of energy.

We call it "chi". The question is: is it the energy, the chi, you want or need or do we need to optimize for you what is there?

My feng shui expertise - your advantages

  • You benefit from my solid experience of over 600 consultations since 2000, when I started as feng shui consultant
  • I work exclusively as feng shui consultant. It my vocation, my profession, my life, my favourite work
  • House, flat, penthouse, apartment, office, shop, restaurant, hotel, wellness centre, retail centres: I have done many types of projects. From consulting blue chip DAX companies to student rooms
  • Large projects like shopping centres and hotels to garden planning
  • I pride myself on great customer service, before, during and after the consultation (follow-up, video coaching). I have numerous happy references from all walks of life
  • Solid business background: large projects, property development, real estate and marketing. A good sense for your creative, spiritual as well as economic goals
  • International experience (Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa)
  • Teacher, tutor, owner of the International Feng Shui Academy, a renowned and highly regarded training centre for certified feng shui consultants of all levels. The IFSA is recognized by the professional feng shui association in Germany as a leading institute to train feng shui professionals
  • ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management for my feng shui expertise
  • Since 2008 Imperial Feng Shui Master

My hands down modern approach, paired with German precision, long studies and research

  • I work with 64 directions, as defined by the 64 hexagrams. Most feng shui consultants only work with 8, respective 24 directions
  • The logic of the binary code and the mathematic precise order of the 64 hexagrams on the lo pan (compass) gives exceptional results, pinpointing exactly the right acupuncture spots to create more bio energy in your life
  • This ties in with proven bio dynamics in human nature and the rhythm of life (yin / yang)
  • Precise and exact work with the Imperial feng shui techniques. This elite knowledge was only used in the Imperial courts of China, because it was so powerful. It requires long studies to learn and master
  • This feng shui knowledge combines with new modern western knowledge and science. Innovative concepts are born: homoeopathy for rooms, creating specific information fields for buildings, acupuncture of resonance patterns
  • I work in a team and network of experts, covering all aspect of building with energy architecture: feng shui, architecture, garden planning, dowsing, bio dynamics, building with healthy material, design, colour, room psychology, plants, coaching

What do I get from a consultation?

  • More support in your life
  • Health improvements and well being
  • Better awareness
  • A new sense harmony
  • The ability to see opportunities in life clearly
  • More stability, enjoyment, well being.
  • Creating and realizing potentials.
  • Clearing up old issues and problems (that can sometimes be painful at the start, but this is a very healthy and important process!). Not many feng shui consultants will tell you that this is an important part of a Feng Shui consultation.

Cooperating and consulting with architects - project developers - city planners - garden architects - interior designers - shop & office outfitters etc.. Review floor plans and business concepts, assessing and consulting properties and buildings (offices, shops, retail, hotels, restaurants etc.). Developing real estate projects from shopping centers to theme parks, from hotels to wellness studios and medical complexes. Best advice: consult the feng shui expert before you buy the property! That avoids possible problems later on.

What does a Feng Shui consultation do?

Feng Shui works out exact floorplan specifications for best energy flow and success

Feng Shui creates well being and inner strength to live and enjoy life to the fullest. Like eating good food and taking care of your body. Good Feng Shui around yourself and your work and living space makes you sharper, more aware, healthier. It’s like putting on glasses when you have bad eyesight: now you see sharper, more clear and can judge everything around you much better. Feng Shui works, because you become much more aware of the opportunities in your life and how to grab them and how to make them work for you.

Most people are unaware, how deep Feng Shui goes and how effective it can work. Many think Feng Shui is only about colour, wallpaper, furniture and interior design. That is the last part of a complex process that involves architecture, light, directional energies (north, south, east, west etc.) and the inherent environmental qualities to create a "good" place to live and be in. The Feng Shui consultant will check soil quality, socio-economic factors, ecology, earth stress zones, plants, roads, landscapes, water and many more aspects.

All these aspects need to be put into the whole picture, where each single parts supports all other single parts to form a highly energetic and whole. This is why I call it: energy architecture meets feng shui design principles.

Consultation fee & video conference project coachings

  • For each project you receive a clearly worded consultation offer incl. the total fee
  • Fairness, clear fee structure, no hidden costs
  • You can book me by the hour, day, project – I am happy to be of service for the benefit of all involved to support your project
  • Email for a free offer and quote:

Phone +49 4102 - 666 53 17

houzz Award 2016

My fee depends on the project. Here is an approximate guideline: a "normal" house consultation will take about 10 hours to do. My hourly fee is outside of Germany € 140,00. Appartments, business, offices - each feng shui consultation requireres a different and individuea approach. On top of the consultation fee please add travel expenses (car, train, flight) and hotel, if several days are needed for the consultation. Consultations within Germany are charged with 19% German VAT added.

The best way for you: to call me and discuss the project with me and I will quote you an individual offer based on your specific requirements. Each consultation is different and so it is best to account for that when requesting a fee estimate or quotation.

I use a professional video conference, seminar and coaching system at no cost to you. We can share floorplans, do drawings, show fotos and discuss the project via camera face to face. We can make a video conference call with up to six people, such as architects, landscapers, light planners, interior designers etc. All you (they) need is a fast internet connection. I will send a link to all conference members to download a little app to enter my conference room (Citrix, GoToMeeting). If you are in a noisy environment it might be useful to use a headset with built in microphone. The Citrix GoToMeeting video conference system also works with all types of tablets and smart phones.

Video coachings and consultations are charged on an hourly rate, depending on the job at hand.

The houzz Service award for customer satisfaction

houzz is a worldwide operating platform for architects, designers, tradespeople - anything to do with building, interior designs, landscaping, decorating, housing projects etc. I am writing a regular feng shui feature for the Houzz community as well as advising on projects. I am happy to receive great feedback on my feng shui expertise and have now been awarded the coveted service award from customers for oustanding "Customer Service". Furthermore, the German Houzz community ranked my feng shui articles and expert advice as one of the most popular contributions in Houzz.

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