Feng Shui Business

Feng Shui for your business

Shopping Malls have a very special feng shui due to the variety of shops and businesses. Water placement, elevator ...

In business consultations I always look at the general direction of the building and/or office and whether this matches your core business. Example: if you are a carpenter, your core business is working with wood. You work with metal (saw, axe, hammer, nails, screws etc.) to shape the wood.

The energy of the metal is anchored in the west and also northwest, the energy of wood is anchored in the east and southeast. So having a carpenter business on the buildings axis east (façade, facing, door, front, action) and west (site, backing, the rear, stable) can be really good.

If the location is not perfect - which is often the case - a good Feng Shui consultant will know what to do to improve it. In most cases there is no such thing as "bad Feng Shui" - just Feng Shui that fits the intended purpose, or not. It is my job to get the Feng Shui right for your business.

Short and important

  • Use the local chi power more effective. Chi is like a wave of energy. A good surfer knows how to catch the wave with little energy and uses the power of nature to ride. You can do the same in business.
  • We check the building structure, how customers see you and get to you, lighting, sign language
  • Quality of reception, best position for cash register, how do custmers move around f.e. in your retail store
  • Where to place goods for fast sales, high value sales and where customers like to receive personal assistance
  • Improve the health of your staff, create a better atmosphere for your people and customers

Retail and shop feng shui

Feng Shui in retail and shop design is a very specialized skill

A shopping mall is totally different to a small, specialized office or business, because it attracts all sorts of people and inside are a multitude of shops. So having entrances in a yang direction, where the sun is rising (east, southeast, south), with big entrances and an easy chi flow that will lead people in, is good. But once inside, the Feng Shui needs to slow them down so shoppers will have time to look at the shops and go in and buy goods.

No point in rushing. Rushing energy will result in a constant change of shops, opening and closing and unhappy staff, rushed, exhausted, unfocused and ineffective at the same time.

I look at the elevator positons, the floor coverings, the shop entrances, the climate controls, the guide systems of each floor, doors, windows, displays and many more things.

Feng Shui works well for restaurants, bars, hotels

Retail shops can benefit greatly from a feng shui consultation. It is important where the doors are, what opening angle,

A bar or other night business is good for the west direction and to have the door there. It is the time of the setting sun, the after-work crowd gathering for flirts, shoptalk, relaxation and a drink. In the classic Feng Shui systems the west stands for the metal energy and metal produces water (i. e. alcohol), which is good for selling drinks.

There is also a Feng Shui system for the inside called Sang Set. When we assess and calculate for example a bar or restaurant business, we look that the actual bar is positioned in the energy we call “drain” – and we want the bar to be drained of the drinks, because the bar makes money with that: selling drinks.

Of course that also goes for food counters, the best spot for the reception and the cash register. Esspecially the cash register location is very carefully looked at, to optimize best possible revenue results.

Corporate headquarters

Feng Shui is used in many corporate headquarters, especially in Hongkong and Singapore as well as most large western and

There are so many different Feng Shui systems for corporate headquarters, hairdressers, insurance offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and to improve business, customer satisfaction and employee happiness with less people being on the sick roll. It takes a Feng Shui Master to know them and how to use them.

I have worked for DAX companies (German stock exchange companies), hotels (Switzerland, Germany, Asia), corporate headquarters (Germany, Sri Lanka), designer/furniture stores (Asia) premium car dealerships, restaurants, jewellers, hairdressers, retailers, and many, many more in numerous European countries as well as in Asia, Russia and the USA.