Fragen und Antworten

Frequently asked questions about a Feng Shui consultation

What are the most important points in a feng shui consultation and what happens in a consultation?

Before the consultation takes place we need some data, which are always stored safely and confidential: floorplan of the house, building, flat, shop, apartment, the birth date of the key people living and/or working there, field and property map (parcelling map). On location you need to explain what the purpose of the feng shui consultation is, your goals and objectives. If the property is far away from my office in Hamburg we need to discuss this on the phone or via my video conference system. With the video conference system we can view all the plans together - even with up to six people on camera, share movies, fotos and plans of the property. We can even do drawings and sketches. This video service is of no charge to you and I will supply you with a simple app (Citrix GoToMeeting, a worldwide operating video conference system) to download the program. When on location I will take fotos of the property and I view the property extensivly. I will take compass measurements with my Imperial lo pan to determine the building axis and the overall energy matrix of the property. Then I will do all the necessary feng shui analytics and calculations which will take some time. Based on my calculations and the existing architecture, as well as design pattern, garden and exterior set up I will do a list of feng shui recommendations for you. From experience I know that there are 2-4 realy important things to do and 6-12 minor issues which can be addressed once the main things have been fixed. I go through each recommendation topic with you and point them out in the property one by one. If you wish, I will compile a written foto documentation for you. The time to put the written report together for you will be charged at EUR 60,00 per hour. Again - from experience - in most normal consultation cases the final personal review on the property with you, debriefing the feng shui consultation in detail is sufficient. You may record (audio or video) the debriefing as well as make extensive notes.

What is business feng shui?

To make that very clear: the feng shui principles apply to all types of feng shui consultations. Just the emphasis changes. In business we might have to address isue like: staff and how well (and healthy) does the staff feel? How the working atmosphere? Customer satisfaction? How does a customer move through your shop and/or retail space? Turnover or profit margin issues? There are also numerous factors that could apply to the specific needs of a business, even it is the same type of business: a business hotel in a commercial zone requires a different feng shui than a wellnes or spa hotel lakeside. Both are hotels, but are totally different. Each consultation is based on the same universal applicable feng shui principles, but the feng shui tools have to be used differently to create the right feng shui for you and your business.

What is the difference between a consultation for a house and a flat or apartment?

In general, the most important difference is that the house has a garden, be it small or big. About 70% of the feng shui energy (chi) is outside! Most consultants concentrate on the interior in a feng shui consultation, but there we have to work with only about 30% of the available chi. Outside is sun, wind, rain, plants, trees, flowers, people, animals, water, streets, movements - we need to tab properly and precisely into that flowing nature and environmental chi and make it work for you! A good feng shui consultant will take extreme measures to guide the natural chi into your house, property, business from the outside in. If the house is fed good chi, it will prosper and support you. Look at the house as your body: if you feed it junk food from the outside, it is only a matter of time, until you become sick. If you feed it good, natural energy in just the right way and dosage, the house will generate positive chi for you. In a flat or apartment a feng shui consultant has to be very skilled, to optimize the available indoor energy (chi). Also, if a room is not supportive for your (f.e. the bedroom), it is much easier to change rooms in a 300 sqm house than in a 60 sqm apartment. The feng shui consultation for apartments require special techniques and a lot of feng shui expertise to get optimum quality.

Is it possible to get a feng shui consultation for just one room?

Honestly, that makes little sense. A feng shui consultation is a holistic, an integral way of optimizing architecture, living and working space, interior as well as the exterior surroundings, be it garden, walkways or urban city planning methods. Just doing one room will result in your (correct) feeling that the other rooms are not "right" anymore. It is like the domino principle: if you do one, the other need to follow. Maybe this picture will help: if you have four run down tyres on your car, it is not advised to change only one tyre, you need to change all four. If you do not, the car might not run a stable direction.

Is it possible to design just a feng shui garden?

Yes, that is possible, since the garden is a territory and area all by itself. Special feng shui methods for outside are used, which in parts are quite different to interior feng shui systems. Picture this: when it is raining outside and you are outside, you get the full effects of the rain interacting with your body, such as getting wet. If you are inside and it is raining, you still get the rain, but the effects are not as direct on you - or the inside rooms - as it is outside. So we need to apply the universally applicable principles of feng shui different to outside and inside. A well designed feng shui garden can generate lots of good, positive and supporting chi for you, your family and your business.

Do I have to rebuild everything after a feng shui consultation?

No! A good feng shui consulation should have the effect that you feel the difference, not necessarily "see" the difference - although that might also be a welcome side effect. Often very few, but exactly properly and precisely placed modification and alterations, show a great result. Often you do not see the possibilities of a room, garden, office or retail space, since you are - over the years - so used to what it looks and feels like. A feng shui consultant will give you a new perspective, a fresh look at a different angle of what is possible in your space, garden, room, office. Feng shui can be a real positive eye opener! A fountain at the right angle of view, a new fence, a different hedge cut, changing the location of a garden door, setting some stones or the right plants at exactly the correct positions on your property can make huge difference. And setting is the right word: like setting a precious piece of stone into a ring! I call feng shui "acupuncture in room and space" - and this is exactly what the high end Imperial feng shui does: we change the energy of your place by activating the correct acupuncture spots in and around your property or business. That is also why every consultation is a highly and totally individual process, geared towards you and only you and/or your business. A new colour scheme, interior design that fits feng shui principles based on your requirements, a garden that generates the type of chi that you need. Only a professional feng shui consultation can determine whether there is little to change or whether we have to look at more substantial measures.

Do I have to leave my home due to bad feng shui?

That happens only very, very rarely. Mostly the feng shui of a place does not fit the feng shui of the place. The feng shui needs to fit the function, what is happening there or what the objectives are. Here is what I mean: if you own a farm with farmland, forests, animals and you want to work the land, you will not use a Porsche as a car to do that. You use a SUV, FWD or tractor. On the other hand, if your goal is to travel fast, a Porsche on the highway or German autobahn is much better there than a tractor. Look at feng shui as your energy tailor: a good consultant will tailor a made to measure energy suit for your house, property and businss and recommend the right cut, shape, material, color. So use a a really good professional feng shui consultant to to the best job possible to fit your needs, to optimiuze your property or business.

What kind of documentation do you need for a professional feng shui consultation?

Floorplans, field map or parcelling map, your birthday incl. location of birth and time. For a business consultation we also use the birthdays of your key staff. Helpful is also the history of the house, business or property (if available and possibly documented). Most important: what do you want to improve? What is the problem? What do you want to achieve? If large projects such as malls, shopping centers, headquarters, factoris, hotels etc. are to be consultated, we also need to look at a site analyses (traffic flow, communal requirments, urban city planning etc.). I am happy to do such studies and research from the feng shui viewpoint.

How long does a feng shui consultation take?

"Normal" houses or apartments, up to about 150 sqm, might take up from six to ten hours, about one day. It depends how simple or complex the project is. That´s why we need an extensive preliminary meeting or at least telephone or video conference, to determine the extent of the feng shui consultation. Large projects and complex project developments (headquarters, shopping malls, urban city planning, hotels etc.) might need more days - even weeks - depending on the project and the extent how deeply you want to integrate professional feng shui. We will give you in advance a written estimate of costs and adapt as well as fine tune that with you and your project requirements.

When can I expect results from the feng shui consultation?

Once a professional feng shui consultation has been made, the most important factor is the proper, timely and precise implementation of the recommendations worked during the feng shui consultation. We strongly advice to follow the recommendations to the letter and use highly professional trade experts (carpenter, painter, gardener, interior designer, lighting professional etc.) to do the job. From my experience, an effect is very quickly noticeable, once the recommendations have been fully implemented. Within the first three months most results should be noticeable. The new feng shui energy is fully in place after 12 months, when all four season and their different energies have come and gone. When you have newly build with feng shui you do not have the before-after effect, but you will notice, how comfortable you feel in your new home or how successful your business is operating.

How much does a feng shui consultation cost?

This again depends on what you want and how extensive or complex the consultation job is. My daily fee with six to eight working hours is about EUR 1.100 to EUR 1.600, depending what kind of job it is, whether a private or business consultation, one day or several days or maybe even weeks, when large projects are to be consulted on. Please use that only as a rough guideline! Once you have briefed me fully on the job at hand I will provide you with an exact fee estimate.