Feng Shui Garten

Feng Shui Garden and Outdoor Design

Businesses like hotels often rely on their garden and plants to attract customers and make them feel relaxed.

As I said, most of the important changes are happening outside: walkways, garden, outside doors, the main door. Where is water? Where are mountains? What buildings are around you? What type of neighbours, weather conditions, sun position and what kind of businesses are close by – there are so many outside factors having an impact on your Feng Shui and on your energy level. I look at all of these – any many more – aspects and see how we can use what is there on and in your property to support you. Outside, in the garden and your surrounding we have all the natural and real powers of life: sun, wind, rain, air, plants, night and day, the yearly cycle of life with spring, summer, autumn and winter. A feng shui master will always work diligently and with great care to get an optimum input from the outside to feed the inside of a house or building.

70% of the feng shui power is outside

Entrance, doors, walkways, path are so important in feng shui: this is where YOUR chi comes from.

That could be putting a garden door in a different position, planting a hedge, putting flowers or bushes in a certain number, colour and shape in a specific direction. Maybe you need to improve the lighting or setting big, powerful stones for stability in just the right places.

Adding colour to a wall could make all the difference, creating a place of rest or action. We look at garden furniture, analyse where a fountain or pond could be placed. To position water is one of the most difficult skills a feng shui master truly has to master. Water in the right position and direction can create great feng shui, wealth and sucess, while creating a lot of headaches if in the wrong position.

That´s why good garden and outdoor feng shui is so important

Feng Shui means wind and water, so the placement of pond, lake, fountain or any kind of water feature is very important.

Since each project is very much individual - as you are - so is the Feng Shui. Each consultation is different. There are very, very few general guidelines, which are good for all situations, all buildings, all people. I have over a decade of experience, many hundreds of consultations worldwide and each consultation is as unique as you are and what you want to achieve in life.

The most important guideline: let us get the outside right and we have a lot more possibilities and leeway on the inside. That is also the reason why consultations for apartments, flats and offices are much more demanding in a feng shui consultation, since we only have about 30% of the chi - life energy - to work with.

A professional feng shui consultation can only be done on location

Tress grow like that, when they grow on an earth stress zone.

That is also the reason I only work on location and never by phone or just by looking at floor plans. Even a tree on the neighbouring side might influence your Feng Shui substantially, the house on the other side of the street might attack you, but you have never consciously noticed, but strangely enough you might not get on well with the people living there. An experienced Feng Shui Master will see all that ONLY on location and will structure the consultation and recommendations accordingly.

What is to some extent possible, is - after the first on sight inspection - an ongoing video consultation via my video coaching and conference system. We can share and discuss plans, architect drawings, fotos etc. with up six people online and on camera at the same time. This is at no cost to you and all you need is a simple app, which is free of charge and easy to install. I would provide all details. All you need is a fast internet line, preferably also a headset with microphone, if you are in a noisy environment during the video conference.