Beratung für Einrichtung und Design

Interior Design with Feng Shui

Color in feng shui is very powerful. Color has frequency and therefor energy. Feng Shui deals with energy and uses it.

Once the Feng Shui check of your home or business has been made and our analysing tools have given us a direction what to do, it is just as important to do it properly and precisely to get the full benefit.

In the course of my consultation I will set a list of priorities: there are rarely more than three really big problems to be solved. They need to be addressed first and not be put off for too long. From experience, most of these improvement are very effective on the outside of the building.

If you live in a flat, apartment or penthouse, different Feng Shui methods need be used than for a house. As an international experienced Feng Shui consultant, I have a lot of skills at my disposal, to give you the right Feng Shui advice to make it work for you.

Often a feng shui consultation can achieve a lot with just the right changes

The kitchen in feng shui is very important. Here the energy for all people is set up via cooking and transforming ...

Apart from the three main issues, there are - as a guiding rule - about another 6-14 further improvements to be made. Most of these have to do with bed and sleeping positions, kitchen, furniture placement in the rooms, accessories and - very important - a well made colour concept (walls, wallpaper, furniture, fabrics etc.) to tie in with the compass direction and energy of the room.

Feng Shui systems like Flying Stars are used to do that, as well as bazi, a Chinese personality assesment method. The goal is that the room supports you, your partner, your child or the function of the room, like a study room you really like studying in.

Feng Shui is energy architecture - and not magic or esoteric

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms we look at in feng shui. You need to sleep well in order regenerate.

Finally we might look at very specific symbols, energy art and effective Feng Shui remedies, if the form school (making VISIBLE changes with furniture, curtains, maybe walls or partitions, plants, colour, changing rooms to be more suitable for person and/or function etc.) is for whatever reason not possible. These remedies are sold in so many Feng Shui shops, but I only use it rarely, if no “real” Feng Shui can be made.

I will explain to you why I use them and how they work and what is realistic to expect - and what is not. Feng Shui is not a quick fix remedy - it is energy architecture. In the hands of a professional feng shui master it can be highly effective, indeed.

Feng Shui is acupuncture in the right place to release new energy for you

Together with the client we find the best possible feng shui solution to create balance and harmony in your house.

If I use special remedies or cures, I need to calculate exactly where in the room I put such an acupuncture needle in form of a symbol or picture. Furthermore, I have to know well what the symbol/picture will do to the energy and how it will help us to transform the inauspicious character of a room into an auspicious one.

You, as the client, should be aware that executing the Feng Shui recommendations properly and precisely is just as important as getting a well-done and professional consultation.

We also work with (western) methods that you can relate to. There is no need to employ only "Chinese remedies", as a matter of fact, that is counter effective, if you do not like them. It is an important part of my consultation to work with you and how we can create a remedy that works best for you as an individual. It is my objective that a good feng shui consultation is only "felt" - not seen. So we need to change the energy, not necessarily the decorations used.

From picking the right property in the first place, working with architects, landscaping the feng shui garden and ...

So you should allow yourself time to implement the recomendations and you need to allocate a proper und fitting budget to get the things done to improve the energy of your building, house, office, business.

If you need assistance, also use professionals (carpenters, painters, artists, gardeners) who can do the job well and have at least an openness to work with Feng Shui and a Feng Shui Master. Depending on where you live, I might be able to help and put you in touch with good and reliable people.