Beratung für Wohnung und Haus

Private Feng Shui Consultation

The Feng Shui for your home - be it house, mansion, loft, villa or apartment - focuses mainly on these points:

  • Do your sleep well?
  • Are you feeling refreshed and can you regenerate at home?
  • Is your family life happy?
  • Is your partnership fulfilled?
  • Do you feel comfortable and content being home?
  • Is your home really your “home” – have you arrived?
  • How are your kids – if there are children – doing?
  • Do you have health issues?

Do you want to build?

Feng Shui can improve your family life: relationship with your partner as well as with kids, relatives and neighbors.

The best time to call me in is BEFORE you buy the property. The shape, form and position of the property is often more important than the house itself. Look at it like a car: wheels, motor, body, shape, steering, brakes etc. are more important for the performance of the car than the colour, the leather seats or the sound system. If you own the property already, call me in before or at the same time you commission the architect. That way we avoid planning problems which are often expensive or complex to fix, after the house has been built.

Feng Shui outside is more important than inside
I look at the outside environment: does it support the place you live in? Can we improve it by changing garden design, driveway, entrance and door, colour scheme, lighting, garbage position, back garden? Is there water in a wrong or in an auspicious position? Is the energy stable or weak? Hectic or way too slow?

Inside I look at the way the chi and the people move through the rooms.

  • Are there obstacles? Can the energy, the chi, and you move freely and easily?
  • Are the rooms in the right direction (example: sleeping in the north, where it is cool, is different to sleeping in a south room, which heats up easily - in the northern hemisphere at least).
  • Do your individual likes and dislikes match the room?
  • How about colours? Are they drab and of low quality?
Fortress Hotel Pool and Ocean. This is a good example for great feng shui in a hotel project. Decorations, plants, water

A fresh new color scheme with high quality paint can make a huge difference to your well being. In a feng shui consultation we look at the shape of the room, its function, the heavenly direction and time qualities (like the light of seasons) to tailor the right color for each room to lift you up. Color ist frequency, therefore energy - and that is how I use color: to improve the energy.

Does a room have too much energy and the kids go crazy there, while the TV room is sucking so much energy out of you, all you can do there is sink into the couch, watch TV, eat chips and have a drink? Often a few changes - but the right ones - can make all the difference to bring the energy back into harmony.

Feng Shui - room by room to fit your needs

Feng Shui is far more than interior design only. Feng Shui calculations will show the interior designer what do and ...

Do you want a room for meditation? For sport? For reading? For creative work?

Or does have one room multiple functions, because the place you live in is so small?

How do we organize such a room?

Iwill look at all these issues and recommend remedies and possible solutions. There are limits to what a Feng Shui consultation can do, if the basic layout of your place is indeed difficult, but Feng Shui can always improve the energy, often to such an extent that you are able to move into a better place with better Feng Shui.