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Project development with Feng Shui

Imperial Feng Shui Master Mark Sakautzky

The best way to to get off to a great start is to involve my feng shui experience right from the beginning of your project: to select the right property. That is, of course, a luxury - I am aware of that. Often you are lucky just to get ONE property to build on. But at least have me check from my experience as feng shui master as well as real estate investor (1995-2000 I owned a real estate company) whether your project and objective is supported by the property and what can be done to improve it. Can we activate unseen, hidden resources that might be there? There is no point in building a water skiing and sailing resort, if the lake dries up in summer. It is the same with chi: if the right chi is not there, you will invest a lot of energy to make up for the lack of it. It is important to always built WITH the energy that is THERE, instead of working hard to put something there that is not supported by the chi of property.

I work with you, the property developer, architects, interior designers etc. right from the start, so that we avoid making mistakes which are costly to fix later. Sometimes it may even be too difficult to fix them and you have to live with shortcomings. Let´s avoid that!

Whether it is a small project like an apartment or a big housing development - the universal principles of feng shui apply every time. I am happy to develop a hotel with you, as I am happy to look for the right flat or apartment with you. I love to work with you and/or your gardener to design a feng shui garden, as I am happy to develop a color scheme with your trusted painter to freshen up your walls and interior design concept.

You can also use my existing network of suppliers, tradesmen, builders, architects, interior designers, gardeners etc., as I am happy to cooperate with your people or go looking together with you for the right people, the best interior design shops, for the best furniture, office desks, lights, designers and fabrics.


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Business projects
Resorts, hotels, wellness and fitness centers, spas, medical offices, retail spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, cafes, office projects, housing developments, city planning, manufacturing complexes, senior residence, hospital.

Private projects
House, villa, holiday home, flat, loft, apartment, estate, mansion, garden, multi story home.