Feng Shui explained

Feng Shui is an excellent tool for city planning and holistic architecture.

Feng Shui is the wisdom of how to achieve - with a minmum of energy - a maxium result. That is possible by using the life energy - called chi - that is already on your property and to plan and build WITH that energy, but never against the local chi flow. All Asian martial arts are based on these chi-flow and life-energy principles, esspecially Aikido. Designing and building with feng shui supports life, workflow, your balance and empowers such holistic architecture to strengthen your personal well being and success. In my blog you can read more about my work as a feng shui consultant, why it works and what I can do for you.

Feng Shui was always about watching what goes on in nature and how to apply these principles for building a house, creating gardens, plan palaces, pick the best areas for settlements, villages and cities. These observations have been collected, written down, fine tuned, expanded and constantly developed further over 3000 years. To this day many Asians, especially the wealthy ones, use feng shui consultants regulary. Since the start of the 20th century an ever increasing number of Westeners also started to use these highly effective energetic principles – amongst them famous architects like Sir Norman Foster, blue chip companies like Disney and individuals like Madonna.

A well designed feng shui fountain in your headquarter can improve your business.

Feng Shui is a mix of very precise natural science observations, ethno mathematics, numerology, daoism, philosophy and a lot of common sense about how to build and live in a healthy and supportive environment.

It is powerful energy architecture for our well being in the truest sense. It is also about acupuncturing energy points in landscapes, urban city developments, houses, apartments, hotels, offices, retail projects, shopping malls etc. Feng Shui is a very good planning tool for healthy, supportive architecture in rooms (private or business) as well as for outdoor projects (from parks to golf courses) and commercial as well as residencial real estate developments.

The universally powerful principles have been effective for over 2000 years and are being used extensively not only in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Macao, Malaysia), but since the seventies widespread also across Europe and the USA.

Benefits include: buildings with improved well being, higher customer satisfaction, generating more ideas - income - creativity, improved health, more staff harmony, focus and stability. And in private homes the changes are often very noticeable with relationships, family life, better regeneration and sleep, less stress and more understanding for each other, as well as seeing opportunities clearer and taking better advantage of various career aspects.

Different feng shui schools and diverse methods

Feng Shui Master Mark Sakautzky has studied with many masters and has the experience of many hundred feng shui consultat

There are a number of different feng shui schools, working with different methods. This is similar to a number of the same types of doctors, also working with different methods. Feng Shui is not just ONE thing only, it is multi facetted as there are all types of methods to improve a wide range of living and working conditions. There is more than just one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes. Good feng shui consultans shoud be able to master a number of different feng shui systems to get the best out of a consultation for the client.

Feng Shui is a profession like many other professions and it is my goal, to free it of a lot of mumbo jumbo and esoteric humdrum. I am a Feng Shui coach and my main tool is the Imperial Hexagram Method. It works very well and I get the desired results for my clients. I am also skilled in: formschool, double mountain water dragon systems (Sam Hap), advancede 8 house systems (Ba Zai), several flying stars methods to calculate timley energies (San Yuan, Yuen Hom, Xuan Kong da Gua, 24 Sam Hap), 24 heavenly stars for gardens and larger developments, auspicious date selection, bazi (Chinese astrology) and many more. The more tools I have available, the more precise the result will be for the client, since every consultation is custom made and highly individual.

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Donald Trump uses feng shui consultants, here the New York Trump Tower.

Famous companies have been or are using Feng Shui: Coca Cola, Disney, McDonalds, The Body Shop, Cathay Pacific, Hyatt Hotels, Singapore Grand Hyatt, Virgin Airways (UK), Morgan Stanley and many more.

A number of celebrities also use Feng Shui: Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Hall, Sting, Sir Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Oprah Winfrey and Tommy Hilfiger.

I have also worked for a number of DAX blue chip companies, public institutions, and many family owned companies, which like to keep the consultation discreet, since they want to retain the competitive advantage that a feng shui consultation has given them.