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There are countless books on feng shui. Most of them are simple "self help" books how to become richt quick and happy with obscure "marriage corners" and where to put aquariums in order to make money fast. That has nothing to do with the ancient art, philosophy and science of feng shui and how to build, so that we humans may live in rooms and surroundings that support us in our health and happiness. Numerous books even misquote old master texts and put interpretations forward that have no relation to what feng shui is all about and what was meant by the masters.

Here is some feng shui literature that I think shows the depth of what feng shui is all about:

Design Energetics - The ancient pulse of feng shui in the modern world
Michael Warden, ISBN 978-0-9546356-02 (Eigenverlag)

Feng Shui in China - Geomantic Divination between State Orthodoxy and popular religion
Ole Bruun, ISBN 0-8248-2672-8 (University of Hawai Press)

Science set free
Ruper Sheldrake, (Deepak Chopta Boks)

Morphic Resonance
Ruper Sheldrake, (Park Street Press)

Feng Shui - Secrets of Chinese Geomancy
Richard Creightmore, ISBN 978-0-8027-7787-4 (Walker & Company New York)

The Tao of Physics
Fritjof Capra, (Shambhala Publications)

Other interesting authors exploring this wide field to explain why feng shui works (without necessarily referencing to feng shui, but to energy systems in general, of which feng shui is one) are:

Ken Wllber, Lynne McTaggert, Stanislav Grof, John Gribbing (Quantum physics) and Alan Watts (Daoism)


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