Grüne Pflanzen

Five Elements / Wu Xing

The 5 elements - or correctly "transformation phases", as they represent a dynamic process - are a level of explanation to describe archetypal patterns of behaviour in us humans, but also in nature and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The meridians in the body are organized e.g. in the sense of the Five Elements, as are the acupuncture points. This explanation system is also used in Bazi, the Chinese astrology (which, however, has nothing to do directly with the planets) in close connection with TCM and Feng Shui. It is no better or worse than other systems, which are potential analyses with their individual methods to illuminate strengths and weaknesses in a given situation or in a human being.

Wood (I can and I do)


Planet assignment: Jupiter
Yin Organ: Liver
Yang Organ: Gall, Gall Bladder, Bile
Physically: tendons, fingernails and toenails, eyes, vision can (the eyes are the opening of the liver)

Wood is assigned to the east, the rising sun. Wood is growth, expansion, aspires upwards, breaks open the earth and grows, the early morning, the spring.

Fire (I give and I take)


Planet assignment: Mars
Yin Organ: heart, small intestine
Yang Organ: Circulation
Physical: metabolism, blood vessels, sweat, tongue, speech, body regulation (meridian: 3-fold warmer)

The wood completes itself and its own growth in the fire. Fire needs wood to be. Types of fire are self-promoters, fiery salesmen, people of the great and impressive gesture "what costs the world".

Earth (I keep, sustain and transform)


Planet assignment: Saturn
Yin organ: spleen, pancreas
Yang Organ: Stomach
Physical: connective tissue, meat (muscles, fat), lips, sensation of taste

When fire has burned the wood, it becomes ash, which solidifies to earth, to mountains, to solid mass. Typical earthlings are down-to-earth, cozy, caring, slow to get going, weighing up. After the growth of the wood and the sales tirades of the fire, earth first sits down and enjoys the sales successes with a good glass of wine and tasty food.

Metal (I reduce to the essence and analyze)


Planet assignment: Venus
Yin Organ: Lung
Yang Organ: Colon
Physical: skin, mucous membranes, nose, sense of smell, respiration

Metal is extracted from the earth, from the mountains. They are the judges, aesthetes (Venus), astute, structured analysts, bankers, money people. From the growth of the wood, the enthusiasm of the fire and the earthy enjoyment they draw their razor-sharp conclusions: "What has it done, what is good and bad? It is judged and settled. Analysis, structure, order, schedules, grid. The superfluous cuts away the metal.

Water (I am and I feel)


Planet assignment: Mercury
Yin Organ: Kidney
Yang Organ: Bladder
Physical: bones, hair, bone marrow, ears, hearing

When metal melts from the inner heat of the earth (lava), it becomes amorphous, forming an aqueous form. Water is the north, the cold, the internalization. Water seeks and is information carrier. From all the experiences of growth (wood), selling, enthusiasm (fire), enjoying and harvesting the fruits (earth), judging and sounding out "what was good/bad? (metal) the water receives the essence: the information. Experiences are transformed into pure information and communication. The water wants to carry on the information.