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Feng Shui in a hotel

How to view a hotel property with feng shui eyes

One of the most rewarding feng shui jobs are hotels that are prepared to implement and really "live" good feng shui advice. Hotels which specialize on wellness, slowing the guest and clients positively down, de-pacing them, making them feel unhurried and welcome are most likely to ask a feng shui master for advice. In these hurried and rushed times it is so nice - as a client and guest - to step into a hotel world, where time seems to be of no issue. That is not only important in designing the gardens, rooms, suites, reception, lounges, bar restaurant etc., but in the attitude of the staff. The staff has to personalize the feng shui of the place. And feng shui will help the staff to understand to transform from "just" service to "service with heart, feeling and care".

  • Doors are so important

    Doors are so important
    Doors create boundaries, as well as openings. It is welcome and border at the same time, stepping from one room to another room.

  • Magic doors

    Magic doors
    Even an open door can signal easily: this is a different area, a different garden, a different feeling, a different energy. Your are entering another world, hidden behind this door. This creates magic.

  • How do we move

    How do we move
    We humans - as well as animals - are really not used to straight lines. We are forced to use straight roads, but our natural movement is like a river meandering through the countryside. Feng Shui emulates that and creates a natural flow.

  • Perfect chi flow

    Perfect chi flow
    This is a good example, how - with very little effort- you create a wonderful slowing down effect and being "in the flow" and meandering.

  • Use different materials

    Use different materials
    Another method to slow us down is to work with different materials underfoot. The subconscious registers this and automatically wants to see and appreciate what the foot feels and the eyes see: "Hey, let's look (and feel) that" - and so we slow down.

  • Feng Shui means Wind and Water

    Feng Shui means Wind and Water
    Wind carries the chi away and water holds the chi. The most basic principle in feng shui: place water in the right position and it generates chi: life power and positive energy.

  • Koi fish are a symbol for wealth

    Koi fish are a symbol for wealth
    In Asia the koi fish are very valuable and are supposed to attract even more chi and such: money, success and career advancement.

  • Feng Shui is a symphony

    Feng Shui is a symphony
    Feng Shui creates a symphony of rooms, gardens, sculptures, plants, water, color and different materials to arrive at a place of high, caring and loving energy. Come here and dance with the universe, feel yourself and rise to the stars, become what you truly are.

  • Sitting down can be interesting

    Sitting down can be interesting
    To sit down, because I WANT to sit here is a nice effect of good feng shui design. A corner, a place, a spot is simply inviting, because it is so nice to be just there.

  • Relax and be alive

    Relax and be alive
    Color in this lounge is very much alive and it still feels like a really relaxed area. This is the idea: a combination of living energy with an invitation to relax at the same time.

  • Color and style

    Color and style
    Often the little things can make the good impression complete. Not to leave the wood bare, but use it to drape matching colored material at just the right spot.

  • Feng Shui mirrors

    Feng Shui mirrors
    Be aware of mirrors. Often mirrors are used indiscriminately by many feng shui consultants. They need to be at the right calculated feng shui position and it is very important to check what they are reflecting. This is a good example.

  • Attention to detail

    Attention to detail
    This is what really makes the difference: attention to detail. Be it a flower, a smile, fresh water, a wonderful scent, the perfect little picture at just the right place. Without attention to detail - and staff that takes care with exactly that - the grandest design will fail.

  • Feng Shui decorations

    Feng Shui decorations
    Mostly a feng shui consultant will not just pick decoration for the sake of decorating, but also to make a statement or to convey a message - even if it is only a little one.

  • Feng Shui at home

    Feng Shui at home
    The feng shui principles are always the same, whether hotel, office, retail area or your home. It is about energy architecture, about design that supports life, about you and only you: to feel very much alive, happy and in your power.