Restaurant 9 Fate Design

9 Fate Design in a restaurant

On December 21st 2016 was the exact date on which we experienced globally a massive energy change. We move from 8 fate chi in the 9 fate chi. This change does not happen overnight. It has been building up in the 8 fate already, starting about 2008, when we had – fittingly – the financial crises. Ever since this time the pace has increased, and a lot of things are much more hectic than we have ever experienced. This is due to a rising yang power. The new fate trigramm (Kin, Chien) has 3 yang lines – no yin. On top of that we are currently in the energy intensive period, where the 8 fate hands over the power the 9 fate. That in itself creates a lot of mixed up chi. This transition period is likely to last until about 2024. But even then, when the 9 fate energy become “pure”, we have to deal with three yang lines. And that goes on until December 22nd 20143. That means too much “doing” energy, hectic, fast developments, no yin to hold the overpowering yang, pace quickens, unstable situations. We see that already with Trump, Brexit, transport revolution, artificial intelligence, shifting power positions etc.

Top priority in my feng shui consultation is to soften the yang and to give yin more prominence. Rooms and designs we can relax in and with. Soft and quiet tones, retreating atmospheres, discretion, tenderness, no wild mix of materials and colors. I would like to show you a perfect example of what I mean and feature in the gallery the “Prohobitox” restaurant in Malaga, Spain. It is a very nice design concept of soft colors, gold, silvery - and a very warm and relaxing feeling of being “home”. Furthermore we added additional photos and design tips, fitting perfectly in to the 9 fate. It is all about adding yin to your rooms and to get out of the hectic ways “out there”.