Planning a garden with Feng Shui

A feng shui garden is not necessarily a chinese garden, but a garden, working with local and regional plants, but based on the calculations and knowledge stemming from feng shui, several thousand years old. Many people still believe, only a chinese looking garden is a feng shui garden. Not true!

A true feng shui garden adapts the ancient wisdom of garden planning, using the ancient calculations of landscaping and harmonical proportions, to create a garden of delight, harmony and beauty under local/regional conditions. As a BMW car ist developed and build in Munich, but adapted to conditions in the UK or Australia, f.e. right hand drive. But it still is a BMW. Water, rocks, stones, symbols, garden path - all that works in harmony, planned and built with a deep and profound knowledge of feng shui and adapting it to the needs of the client and location. That´s is why a true feng shui master needs a lot of skills to make it happen, as you can see in these pictures.