Imperial Feng Shui

Imperial Feng Shui - a very special knowledge

Chinese Temple

It is the most advanced and scientific method known in feng shui today. Until 1912 it was only used exclusively by the Imperial courts, their family members and the highly skilled Imperial Feng Shui Masters. It requires years of study to master the various techniques. In essence it is based on the principles of the binary code (Yin/Yang = 0/1) - expresses via hexagrams and trigrams (I Ching, Yijing). It is highly effective and works even in very challenging and complex feng shui consultations.

The main difference to normal feng shui schools and methods working with eight directions (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest) is the use of the 64 hexagrams around the compass, so Imperial Feng Shui works with the 8 main directions as well as with 64 directions and their energetic informations and is therefore much more precise with many more options available in a consultation. These 64 hexagrams are in precise mathematical order around the 360° of the compass and the order follows the exact principles of the binary code.

Grand Master Shao Yong. He put the 64 hexagrams in the binary code order.

I am in a long lineage of feng shui masters. Our feng shui is based on the mathematics of the binary code. A hexagram consists of 6 lines, either yang ____ or yin ___  ___. The hexgrams have a precise order around the compass, following the binary code. 64 hexagrams on 360 degress. That means, we work very precise, each hexagram has 5,625 degress on the compass. The line code can be read and interpreted by an Imperial Master due to extensive studies, what the line code of yin/yang means.

So we do not work with 8 directions (like most feng shui consultants), but we use 64 directions to analyse the energy matrix around a building.

I have been biven the master honours 2008, having gone through a rigorous test over several days and after many, many years of learning, studying with my master and consulting on several hundreds of feng shui consultation and architectural projects.

Make Imperial feng shui work for you

This hexagram symbolizes the father, leader, boss of the company. It stands for the northwest, strategy, clear ...

64 hexagrams and 64 DNS can combine to make things whole again!
They work together to create supportive energies.

That is the power of Imperial Feng Shui and it needs a good teacher (Grand Master Chan is number 4 worldwide of the hexagram masters!), long studies and many consultations to use this knowledge to achieve the best possible results for clients.

This knowledge was only used by the Imperial masters to plan and improve the chinese emperors buildings and residences and to plan new cities. Onyl very few masters know about this special feng shui and even less select students in the west have access to the secrets of the Imperial feng shui. Instead of working with only the 8 commonly known directions, Imperial feng shui works with the 64 directions of the hexagrams. Amazingly theres 64 hexagrams are in grouped in a precise binary code order around the compass, mathematical exact.

The Lo Pan (Luo Pan)

The Lo Pan is the most important tool for the feng shui master

The lo pan - or also luo pan - is the wooden laptop of a Feng Shui Master and consultant. An Imperial lo pan has all 64 hexagrams grouped in a specific order around the 360 degrees of a compass. The order is determined by the binary code and following a precise logic.

The positions of the 64 hexagrams in all of the eight directions (North to Northwest) are mathematically exactly in the binary code system and show a striking pattern of harmonious balance and have a fine geometric and mathematical rhythm.

Lo Pan, the wooden laptop and tool of the trade for an Imperial Master.

Only a very skilled feng shui master can use the Imperial hexagram methods

Feng Shui is a universal language for architecture and can be used worldwide - not just in China.

The lo pan measures important energy points during a feng shui consultation: doors, house alignements (fe: north-south), water positions are determined (pool, fountain, lake, river etc.), best position for an office desk or cash register, head and feet position in bed, where other buildings in the area are located, which might have an effect on the clients house or business, important landmarks like mountains, bridges, skyscrapers, lakes, rivers, large trees etc.

Since each measurement is linked to a hexagram, which takes up 5,5 degrees on the lo pan, the hexagram gives information on the qualities that are to be found on the property. Each of the 6 lines of each hexagram contain even more precise and specific information, depending on which exact line the measurement might be on. Each line occupies 0,9° on the compass. It is like a bar code, which is printed on all modern products. A skilled and well trained Imperial Feng Shui master can obtain with this information the correct layout of doors, receptions, business counters, buildings, rooms, garden features, urban city planning projects, water in relation to the surroundings of a house, office or shop etc. This knowledge can be used anywhere, where design, energy, flow of chi and the forces of life need to combine, to create an optimal environment for humans and their skills, which are governed by the 64 DNS.

The 64 hexagram energy matrix

Hexagrams are at the core of Imperial feng shui, the most powerful method  and skill known today.

That is the unique core knowledge of an Imperial Feng Shui master. The Chinese explained with a simple code of 6 lines (yin/yang lines which tie to the binary code 0/1) all aspects of nature. They believe there is a mathematical and harmonic system, which explains the world and their dynamic energies via a line code consisting of these 6 interactive yang and yin lines.

The hexagram technique is unique to the Imperial feng shui school. Only few master around the world know how to read the information that is encoded in each hexagram. And each hexagram with all this information is again tied to a specific location on the compass, about 5,5° wide. And each hexgram is positioned exactly within the 360° of the lo pan by the binary code system. Once you get into the details of this code and the mathematics and information encrypted within, one understands, how scientific feng shui really is.

Imperial Feng Shui uses the acupuntcure principles very precisely

Hexagrams are of prime importance in feng shui consultations, they are an information code that a feng shui ...

And that has little to do with interior design, but very much with finding the right acupuncture spot to place door, garden entrance, cash register, offices, bedroom, water and so many other important keypoints in a building or appartment. Feng Shui is not about decorating, it is about living your individual full potential within your specific environment, be it a landscape, garden, house, office or penthouse. It is energy architecture.

The sequence of these lines in a certain hexagram have a lot of information about a building, room or person, as does the EAN code on all products these days.

Imperial hexagram feng shui uses the binary code

EAN Barcode

his knowledge was only used by highly skilled Imperial feng shui masters, working for the Imperial court and the rich and wealthy upper class. Only recently this knowledge is taught by only one Chinese grand master to select few western students. The studies are highly demanding and are regarded by masters as the "rolls royce" of all feng shui systems.

These 64 hexagrams and how that line code has developed over thousands of years is documented in the oldest book of the world: Yijing. That book and this code supposedly inspired Gottlieb Leibniz (1646 - 1716) to further develop the binary code: a yang line means 1, a yin lines mean 0. Our world today (computers, internet, electricity – all of our daily lives) is astonishingly based on the ancient information code of the Yijing. C.G. Jung (1875 - 1961), the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, a close collegue of Sigmund Freud, also worked intensely with the Yijing and used a lot of the age old wisdom for his ground breaking new views and methods in modern psychoanalytic treatments, esspecially his famous systems for archetypes, symbols and synchronicity.

Science and hexagrams

The DNA Spiral carries also some information why and how feng shui works in the homes of the living.

Modern scientific research even indicates very logically, that the structure of the 64 hexagrams and their informational content are very similar to the 64 (!!!) DNA and how life is “programmed” through the specific DNA set ups.

It is clear that DNA ist the key to all biological life, while the 64 hexagrams are a system to explain the human development and how we think, feel, act and emotionally and spiritually evolve.

The ancient Chinese writing sign for Yijing even looks like the DNA spiral!

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